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BioSignia’s Ashlee Duncan is Two-Faced

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C., (June 21, 2012) Ashlee Duncan, PhD, BioSignia’s senior vice president, product development and science doesn’t like to be bored, enjoys multiple challenges, and was known for getting the job done at her former place of employment, the Drug Development Sciences division of GlaxoSmithKline. But ask her coworkers at BioSignia and they will outright tell you Ashlee is two-faced and they like it. “Her science disciplines, a master’s in toxicology and doctorate in epidemiology, enable Ashlee to add leadership, direction, and focus to our existing proprietary applications as well as advance our R&D on the science side; her project management and people skills and extensive experience enable Ashlee to keep projects on task, and, just as importantly, on budget on the business side,” explained Jose Cortina, BioSignia’s executive vice president, legal & operations. “She looks for efficiencies, never losing sight of the big picture nor the bottom line. Ashlee’s two-faced and it’s something BioSignia sorely needs.”

When you get Ashlee to take a moment out her non-stop day or pass her in BioSignia’s hallways, she’s quick to greet you with a warm smile. And when asked what she enjoys most about working at BioSignia and her recent promotion to senior vice president, she’s just as quick to respond: “At BioSignia, we are in the business of providing awareness and empowerment to individuals related to their risk of developing chronic diseases – coronary heart disease, stroke, and diabetes, among others. We present information graphically, with a focus on the modifiable risk component, to demonstrate how to lower risk through lifestyle change. The work is very dynamic in nature and we know it is making a difference in people’s health. Plus, I never have a chance to be bored and I have the satisfaction of getting to see things from start to finish. You develop it, see it through, launch it, get feedback, make improvements, and the cycle continues.”

What does she see as her biggest challenge? “I’m excited about the opportunities on the horizon. Our challenge is enabling BioSignia to move from being reactive to being proactive in addressing the needs and wants of the marketplace.” When asked how does she see this being accomplished, she said, “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!”

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