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Jose Cortina, BioSignia’s Added Dimension
Research Triangle Park, N.C., June 27, 2012
In October of 2011 Jose Cortina added a new hat with a different brim to his professional hat rack, that of general counsel and chief operating officer at BioSignia, a technology company best known for its proprietary Synthesis Analysis™ technology and Know Your NumberŪ service, a chronic disease health risk assessment and risk modification tool. The new hat is Jose’s role as in-house General Counsel for BioSignia, where he was once an outside resource called upon for his extensive knowledge of intellectual property law, including domestic and international patent, trademark, and copyright.

Previously, BioSignia had called upon Jose as retained counsel, now they call upon him as their own, and although Jose’s resume represents a distinguished legal career – one with numerous hats – the different brim is reflected in his new role as BioSignia’s chief operating officer.

This different hat brim necessitated a distinctive knowledge base, and Jose’s extensive experience working for and representing several larger corporations, including IBM, provided the requisite insight. He realized his first task was to take the time to listen and evaluate, or as Jose put it, “…a time to see how the existing pieces worked and to understand BioSignia’s culture and operating structure. Having the vantage point of previously being outside the box, I could see we had a few disconnects from the perspective of our clients and investors.”

Jose went on to explain, “From a BioSignia investor’s perspective, we realized the ongoing need to review our intellectual property and strategy. To this end, we pursued additional patent protection on several specific implementations and increased BioSignia’s patent portfolio by filing our third patent application. We have also enhanced, and are expanding, services and offerings to address the increasing demands of our clients and the marketplace. Individually, and collectively, these actions enhance the company’s value.”

Jose’s ability to wear this new hat with the different brim enables him to bring an added dimension to BioSignia moving forward, with an array of new services and service enhancements, as well as a commitment to remain focused on BioSignia’s bottom line – a commitment he is meeting with gusto.

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