An Empirical Validation Study: BioSignia’s Synthesized CHD Model Outperforms Traditional Framingham Models

Cary, North Carolina — BioSignia Inc., a risk assessment software services company providing innovative solutions for the healthcare and life insurance industries, recently published a research study evaluating the performance of its coronary heart disease (CHD) risk model. This model, developed using BioSignia’s patented technology, Synthesis Analysis, was shown to outperform two widely used versions of the Framingham CHD model. The results, published in Vascular Health and Risk Management (2014, vol. 10, pages 557-562), demonstrate that synthesizing a more comprehensive, literature-derived CHD risk algorithm resulted in improved performance of BioSignia’s model when compared to well-established Framingham CHD models. Dr. Guizhou Hu, BioSignia’s Chief Scientific Officer and lead author of the paper, said “the significance of this study is that it provides consistent empirical evidence of enhanced prediction power of our model, in two different populations using an array of comprehensive accuracy metrics.” The article is co-authored by Dr. Martin Root, Associate Professor in the Department of Nutrition and Health Care Management at Appalachian State University, and Dr. Ashlee Duncan, BioSignia’s Senior Vice President of Product Development. This work is published by Dove Medical Press Limited, and licensed under Creative Commons Attribution - Non Commercial (unported, v3.0) License.

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About BioSignia
Headquartered in Cary, N.C., BioSignia is a leading technology and software services company focused on bringing innovative risk assessment modeling solutions to the preventive healthcare and life insurance underwriting markets. BioSignia’s patented technology, Synthesis Analysis, provides the underpinnings of the healthcare application, Know Your Number (KYN), and life insurance application, Mortality Assessment Technology (MAT). This modeling capability represents a quantum leap forward in both morbidity and mortality risk assessment. BioSignia’s R&D team has continued to advance synthesis modeling, continuously updating it to reflect the ever expanding need for better risk assessment, as well as effective chronic disease prevention, management, and treatment. For more information about BioSignia, visit:

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