BioSignia’s Know Your Number® Expands NeoPath Health Management Portfolio with Evidence-based Health Risk Assessment

Leading predictive modeling company’s health risk assessment tool added to NeoPath Health’s health management solutions for employers

Research Triangle Park, North Carolina – December 15, 2011 — BioSignia, a predictive modeling company providing innovative solutions for chronic disease prevention and management, today announced the signing of a licensing agreement with emerging innovative on site care delivery organization, NeoPath Health Inc. The agreement between the companies is centered on the addition of BioSignia’s patented predictive modeling technology to NeoPath’s onsite clinic offerings. BioSignia’s “Know Your Number” health assessment calculates an employee’s risk for getting several of the nation’s most prevalent chronic diseases over a 5 year time period. The assessment also quantifies the impact that leading a healthier lifestyle can make on preventing the onset of specific diseases.

The primary objective of NeoPath Health is to provide small and medium-sized businesses with on-site medical clinics staffed by physicians. The goal is to drive down insurance costs for employers, as well as keep employees healthy, ensuring they spend less time out of the office. In addition to providing services treating or managing sick employees, NeoPath offers wellness services that help keep employees and their families well.

“We did an extensive search for an evidence-based assessment tool that would provide the clinically sound information our staff needs to maximize effectiveness of our wellness initiatives,” says Joe McErlane, CEO of NeoPath Health. “When we saw the science behind Know Your Number, we knew we had found the right solution for our applications; Know Your Number provides our clinic staff with actionable health information, offers insight into the most effective wellness programs to initiate, and documents the results of our services This provides both NeoPath Health and our clients the information needed to be successful.”

“We are excited to have been selected by NeoPath Health to compliment what promises to be a very effective wellness offering for corporations today,” said John Schilhab, EVP of BioSignia. “Our scientists have worked diligently to create a solution that provides wellness program participants with the clinically-sound, actionable information they need to achieve better health, and we are pleased to extend the delivery of our tool within the onsite clinic segment.” added Schilhab.

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