November 10, 2011

ApplicInt announces their partnership with BioSignia

Reno, NV (11.10.11) - ApplicInt, a technology solutions provider to the Life and Health Insurance industry, today announced that they have partnered with BioSignia to extend the automation of BioSignia's Mortality Assessment Technology™ (MAT). Using the data from ApplicInt's ExamComplete or CallComplete products, clients can automatically feed BioSignia's MAT predictive underwriting application to accurately evaluate an applicant's mortality risk, based on underwriting criteria scientifically-proven to impact mortality. MAT has been proven to allow carriers to price policies more appropriately, offering preferred classifications to more applicants, without increasing mortality risk.

Using ACORD standard XML, ExamComplete and CallComplete provide a seamless interface that makes deploying MAT simple and cost-effective, taking only weeks to implement. "In partnering with BioSignia we have been able to increase the benefits associated with our Part 2 product suite, providing an opportunity to further reduce new business touches, data entry costs and cycle times." says Michael Feroah, COO of ApplicInt.

MAT is the most comprehensive and accurate assessment tool available today, and the connectivity available through the partnership between ApplicInt and BioSignia presents the next step in true electronic Straight Through Processing. "Partnering with ApplicInt creates an easy to use solution set for life insurers interested in streamlining the underwriting process," says John Schilhab, Sr. VP of BioSignia. "We are excited about providing the market with a simple, yet elegant solution that delivers value - both immediate and long term."

MAT is available to ApplicInt's current ExamComplete and CallComplete customers. For more information on BioSignia’s market applications, please call 888.324.6627 or email

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About BioSignia

BioSignia is a leading technology company focused on bringing innovative predictive modeling solutions to the life insurance and preventive healthcare markets. BioSignia's patented technology, Mortality Assessment Technology™ (MAT) represents a quantum leap forward in both morbidity and mortality risk assessment. BioSignia's talented R&D team continues to advance synthesis modeling, continuously updating it to reflect the ever expanding need for better risk assessment.

About ApplicInt

ApplicInt is the premier software provider for Insurance carriers. The ApplicInt product set is uniquely positioned to allow its carrier partners the agility and adaptability that is required in today's fast moving business landscape. ApplicInt products streamline the process of data collection by carriers from Agents, Consumers, Call Centers and Examiners.

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