BioSignia, Inc and PatientCentral Technologies, LLC Join Forces to Bring “Next Generation”, Evidence-Based Disease Risk Assessment to Personal Health Information Management Technology.

Research Triangle Park, N.C. and Houston, Texas (April 11, 2011)– BioSignia, a leading technology company bringing predictive modeling solutions to the preventive healthcare market, and PatientCentral Technologies, LLC (PCT), a leading provider of patient-centered technology today announced that they have formed a strategic alliance to combine BioSignia’s Know Your NumberŪ technology with PCT’s MyHealthArchive, a sophisticated personal health information management system.

How it Works
Know Your NumberŪ takes a person’s unique health information including weight, blood pressure, lifestyle habits, GINA compliant health history, and recent lab work with glucose and cholesterol levels. Behind the scenes, BioSignia’ patented technology, called Synthesis Analysis, evaluates the data and produces a confidential health report including one’s specific risk of the nation's biggest disease killers; diabetes, stroke and heart disease. It then maps out exactly how to reduce those unique risk factors for MyHealth Archive’s subscribers.

MyHealthArchive is a state of the art personal health information management system that securely stores personal information and brings it to life so that it can be to be used every day to promote wellness. All information and services are available anywhere in the world via internet access.

Patients will use Know your NumberŪ embedded within MyHealthArchive to give their medical information immediate relevance. Know your NumberŪ will acquire information stored in MyHealthArchive, and if necessary, request other information that may be needed. Then, within moments, the patient will see the confidential health report that makes a person’s health information meaningful and current. By serially monitoring specific risks for major illnesses, a user determines whether efforts to improve wellness are working, or not. This kind of objective feedback not only informs the patient, it helps fight the common tendency to rationalize or minimize health risks.

Dr. Al Davies, CEO, says, “The best way to promote good behavior is to shine a light on it. With Know Your Number™ you can focus on your own health and risks, and find out whether you are making progress in doing something about it. What makes Know Your Number unique is the extensive validation done to show that the risk predictions are scientifically correct, and the ability to summarize your state of health with the use of an easily understood Number.”

Valerie Purcell, RN, MBA, PCT’s Vice President of Business Development says, “Do something about your health. Promote your own wellness and actually be healthier. Keep track of how you are really doing. Don’t wait for next New Years to make a resolution. Do something now.”

“We’re extremely excited to partner with MyHealthArchive” says John Schilhab, BioSignia Executive Vice President. “Know Your Number™ will provide subscribers the ability to calculate their risk for various diseases and show how they compare to their peers of the same age and gender. Additionally, subscribers can view graphs illustrating how much of their risk is modifiable. Since some cases of modifiable risk may be as high as 70-80%, understanding the true nature of their risk can help motivate people to make lifestyle changes that they would have otherwise not made.”

About BioSignia, Inc.
Headquartered in Research Triangle Park, N.C., BioSignia is a leading technology company focused on bringing innovative predictive modeling solutions to the preventive healthcare and insurance markets. Know Your Number™, the company’s proprietary synthesis modeling approach to chronic disease risk prediction, is the core of BioSignia’s flagship solution. In 2004, BioSignia received the award for Best Enabling Tool for Disease Management from DMAA: The Care Continuum Alliance. Since then, BioSignia’s talented R&D team has continued to advance synthesis modeling, continuously updating it to reflect the ever expanding need for effective chronic disease prevention, management and treatment.

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About PatientCentral Technologies, LLC.
Houston based PatientCentral Technologies, LLC is on a mission to improve healthcare, specifically by making healthcare more patient-centric. PCT designs, manufactures, installs implements and supports a suite of products and services that places patients at the center of their health care by interactively connecting them in real time to the care they are receiving. Our mission is to enhance the health and safety of people throughout the world by improving communication and access to health information flowing between patients and their physicians, hospitals, pharmacies and other healthcare providers. Our products empower people enabling them with technologies and encouraging them to be more involved in their healthcare and wellness.

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