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9.25.14   An Empirical Validation Study: BioSignia’s Synthesized CHD Model Outperforms Traditional Framingham Models
BioSignia scientists author recent publication
06.21.12 BioSignia Management Media Release: Ashlee Duncan
06.21.12 BioSignia Management Media Release: Jose Cortina
11.10.11   ApplicInt announces their partnership with BioSignia
10.07.11 BioSignia appoints Dr. T. Colin Campbell to Board of Directors
8.24.11   BioSignia's Know Your Number® Catalyst for Employee Communication in Dossia Health Manager
7.26.11   BioSignia Board Elects New Chairman
4.11.11   CSC Teams with BioSignia to Offer Life Insurers, Reinsurers Predictive Underwriting Technology
1.28.11   MAT Due Diligence in the Life Insurance Industry
11.23.10   Meredith College Improves Waistlines and Corporate Bottom Line with Know Your Number®
11.05.09   A letter from Scott V. Joy MD, FACP Medical Director
Duke Primary Care
8.01.09   BioSignia Honored in Business Leader Media's Healthiest Company Competition
7.01.09   Breakthrough Risk Assessment Tool Offers Prescription For Health Care Reform
4.14.09   BioSignia and L1 Enterprises Announce Partnership Promoting Breakthrough Health Risk Assessment Technology to Federal Agencies


Triangle Business Leaders Challenged to Take Charge of Health




  Dr. David Michael interviewed by The Powerful Patient on the use of Know Your Number


The Deseret News: What's Your Number?


Know Your Number Gives Doctors a New Tool to Increase Quality Care




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