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BioSignia believes the ability to assess an individual's future health trajectory with a high level of precision will become increasingly critical to institutional, medical and personal decision-making. We currently offer two market-ready applications.

Know Your Number® (KYN) educates individuals and population health organizations on how risk factors impact their health, with particular attention given to those risk factors that can be improved by lifestyle changes. Know Your Number presents health information in a motivational manner designed to help drive behavior change, while providing intervention program insight and measurement for population health managers.

Mortality Assessment Technology (MAT) predicts mortality risk for companies in the life insurance industry, including direct writing, reinsurance and life settlements. MAT evaluates the combined impact a complex interplay of medical and lifestyle factors is likely to have on an applicant's life expectancy. Unlike conventional underwriting techniques, risk assessment is both holistic and unique to each person. This higher level of granularity results in significantly greater precision, allowing insurers to more accurately categorize applicants as standard, preferred or super-preferred.




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