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BioSignia, Inc. is a privately held Science and Technology company located in the Raleigh/Durham Research Triangle. Founded in 1996, we are dedicated to providing cutting-edge risk assessment solutions to the life and health insurance industries, as well as to corporations, practitioners, and organizations concerned with proactive health promotion and wellness. We have invested the equivalent of 50 man years in research, development, and validation. Our academic partners include Duke University, Cornell University, and the University of Washington.

This website provides a snapshot of our company and serves as a portal to our subsidiary sites, where you will find detailed information about BioSignia’s revolutionary market applications. To learn more, please complete the Contact Us form.

Chronic Disease Risk Summary Report
The impact of changing one risk factor could be higher than shown. Modifying one risk factor is likely to cause changes in others.

Know Your Number is not intended to diagnose or to recommend treatment for any disease. All risk calculations are derived from, and intended to summarize, peer-reviewed literature.

An Empirical Validation Study: BioSignia’s Synthesized CHD Model Outperforms Traditional Framingham Models.
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The Graham Company a “Top 100” employer benefit consulting company to offer the Doctors Direct Healthcare Know Your Number Employer Health & Wellness Program to its clients.
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BioSignia scientists author second publication
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BioSignia scientists author recent publication
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BioSignia’s Know Your Number® Expands NeoPath Health Management Portfolio
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PersonaLabs and BioSignia Join to Offer Targeted Risk Assessment
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